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We provide the highest quality solar panels (Tier-1) with 25 years performance warranty at most affordable rates

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Nexus Solar, Kanpur

Nexus Solar is a leading company in Solar On-Grid System, Solar Off-Grid System, Solar Hybrid System, Solar Street Light, & Solar Power Plants…. We offer smart, fast and efficient delivery of SECURE SOLAR POWER SOLUTIONS at reasonable market prices.

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Why Solar?

  • Easy Installation

    Solar panels are easy to install, typically only needing a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wiring.

  • Battery Backup (Off-Grid)

    Most solar systems today utilize a battery backup that allows for three plus day’s storage of the power needed to keep the system running. That way, if the sun goes out, you will still have power for a couple days.

  • Available Anywhere

    Solar can be installed anywhere, even when what it is powering is in the shade. No matter what the circumstance, if there is a sunny spot nearby the solar can be installed to power something remotely installed.

Our Products

Solar On-Grid Home Roof-Top System

Solar Off-Grid System

Solar Hybrid Solar System

Agriculture Solar Pump

Solar Street Light

Solar Power Plant

How Nexus Solar Do?

Nexus Solar’s approach is very proffessional about all our Solar Projects We have a systematic process to do all the work of Solar Photo-Voltaic Power System.

Here is the systematic process of Nexus Solar on which we perform all the actions to do the task of Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Plant installation-

Site Audit

With the approval of the project, our first task is to measure the available Area and inspect all the queries (ensure a site is free from shade due to obstacles such as water tanks, AC units, staircase, etc.) to execute the SPV plant.

Load Assessment

Load Assessment for light loads and heavy loads of the building or industry in order to calculate the system capacity required as client’s perspective.

System Designing

The SPV system Designed by our Experts from the data collected by site audit. Our Experts monitor the system capacity, Mounting Structure and climatic parameters for durable and efficient system.

Delivery of Equipment

We deliver the equipments to project site after multiple checks by our various departments to ensure that the task would have done with world class parameters.

Installation and Commissioning

The Installation and Commissioning work would do by our very skilled team in expert’s vision.

Final Inspection

After All the work a team with experts in solar plants inspection will go and inspect that all the work done by installer is fit to world class parameters or not.

Permissions & Approvals

After installation, We will seek all the legal approvals from DisCom’s , state nodal agency for solar rooftop installation’s subsidy and all other required government agencies to approve your project So that client do not have to face any kind of hardship And get the financial assistance available by government agencies.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Since solar panels consume no fuel and have no moving parts to wear out, there is no air, oil, or fuel filters to change. Simply keep the surface of the panels clean. We have a very fair policy when it comes to monitoring & maintenance of the Solar Photo-Voltaic System installed by us. We constantly check the system of our customers so that the Client's trust always remains above us.

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Solar energy is completely renewable. It eliminates the use of fossil fuels, which are the primary source of greenhouse gases and the leading engine of global warming. The energy emitted by the sun is abundant and available everywhere. Solar is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly in nearly every way.

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